Make Your Story Sing

Discover the Life-changing Book Hidden in Your First Draft 

Dear author,

Deep down, you’re certain you’re creating something special, but your story still feels fragile.

When you open up your manuscript to the first page, you begin to doubt if it’s really any good. You’re second-guessing yourself, rewriting something -and then changing it back. Again. You’ve got a sinking feeling that you’re making it worse.

Revising can be like trying to see your self as others do, and that isn’t easy. Who really likes looking in the mirror?

But don’t get stuck; revising your novel doesn’t have to be painful. When you’re doing it right it feels like discovery, not destruction.

I’m willing to bet that you and your story are twice as strong as you imagine. And if you see this through, you’ll fulfil your unique potential to write a story that connects with readers and maybe even changes their lives.

  • Instead of rewriting the first scene endlessly, you’ll marvel at the progress you’ve made.
  • Instead of feeling unsure of your writing, you’ll recognise its strengths.
  • Instead of feeling vulnerable when presenting your work to others, you’ll feel empowered and excited.
  • Instead of avoiding finishing your book, you’ll be eager to discover how it’s going to evolve today, what you’re going to discover about it as you rewrite and shape it.

I love supporting writers to finish their books and make them truly sing, without deflating them with unilateral critiques and red pens.

Working with me is all about collaborative, empowering conversations. I won’t assert my authority and ‘fix’ your book for you.

You see, when I was trying to turn my doctoral thesis in English Literature into a book, there was a period of around six months which I prefer to forget. Everyone (my supervisor, my husband, my publisher) thought it was almost finished. When asked directly, I’d say it was just being checked over for typos one last time.

The truth? I was utterly stuck. And I was filled with shame. I knew I couldn’t string them along forever. I even wrote to a clinical psychiatrist to ask for help (she turned me away, of course).

Eventually, I had the chance to talk to a coach. In a single session, she helped me see what had been holding me back. I was trying to do what others in authority had suggested, rather than focusing on saying what I had to say, and taking ownership of my book.

After this breakthrough, I could reach my goal. My book was published (and received some stunning reviews in the journals). But my new ambitions weren’t what I’d always expected. This wasn’t the start of a career as a rockstar academic. Instead, I wanted to support creative people to write books that get read in the real world. Books like the ones that got me through post-natal depression (a whole other story). Novels like the ones that I fell in love with as a teenager.


Now, I work as a creativity coach with novelists, memoirists, and non-fiction writers who want to write books that people read until the spines are creased and the corners are foxed. Books that compel readers to reach out and tell the author how they changed their lives. 

If that sounds good to you, I'd love to keep in touch as you write your book and give it a life of its own.

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To your creativity!

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Find Your Voice Daily Journal

Daily encouragement and strategies to help you find your voice and intensify your vision through conscious revision.

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