Are you ready to stop second-guessing yourself and tune into your self-trust as a writer?

I can help.

I’m a book coach for writers of thoughtful fiction and memoir.

I will meet you wherever you’re at in the process. Whether you have a first or fourteenth draft, or just an idea.

I’m a former literary academic, and my time teaching undergraduates in the tutorial system at the University of Oxford, together with my struggles with writing a book, made me put coaching at the heart of my one-to-one work.  Because I believe that the best work comes from a place of self-trust.

Hands-on attention to the words on the page, without the disempowering effect of the red pen. Without setting myself up as the authority on your book and your voice.  My approach sits somewhere on the spectrum between developmental editing and book coaching, moving along that spectrum as seems best.

Everything I do is in the context of a collaborative process aimed at tuning into your self-trust as a writer. Our work is rooted in energising and profound conversations about your work and your vision.  

Newsletter: Make Your Story Sing

Craft a marketable book without second-guessing yourself.  Nurture your self-trust as a writer. 

Kitchen Table Sounding Board

One intensely focused two-hour session, either in person or on skype or phone. Probably fuelled by caffeine.

Alternatively, if it suits you better, we can do this entirely by email or text chat. 

In advance of our meeting, I will read your entire manuscript, and you will complete a questionnaire about your challenges, your hopes, and your vision for the book.
When we meet we will discuss your book. This is my favourite thing about this work, and it’s hard to explain. I bring to the table my analysis, but most of all my intuition, about the book that is not quite on the page, as well as a process for getting to the heart of your story.

You’ll come away with a new sense of clarity about your book, buzzing with targeted ideas for revision, with solutions to problems, and excited to get stuck into rewriting.
I’ll write up a list of action points within 24 hours of our call and you will also receive a digital recording of the call (if you’re happy to be recorded).

You’ll also be able to access email support from me for one month after our call (value £99)

Your investment: £150 (introductory price)

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Book Coaching

I’ve been described as a “fairy Godmother” for your writing.  I can help you see the woods for the trees, reflecting back to you what I see on the page and also what you tell me about your book. I have been thinking about and studying literature my entire adult life and I bring that bank of knowledge, as well as my intuitive yet analytical mind, to your work. I am also an experienced teacher and have developed a flexible yet methodical process that will move you forward with planning and revising your book. 

It never fails to amaze me how powerful book coaching can be. I have a talent for articulating things about your book and your process in ways that help you overcome stumbling blocks and maintain your momentum. You will feel heard, and your book will begin to feel real. And I can act as an avatar for your ideal reader, showing you where you may be losing them, confusing them, as well as what they will love about your book.

I will be waiting for your pages, keeping you on track to produce a meaningful, marketable and much-loved book.

My intention is to meet you where you are and take you step by step to a completed manuscript.

You can purchase book coaching in blocks of four. Each block includes:

A one hour coaching call.

A very special document reflecting back to you what I heard during the call (this is surprisingly powerful) and suggesting concrete ‘next steps’.

Comments on your writing using tracked changes in Word (up to around 3000 words).

Your investment for a block of four: £160 

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Client Feedback & Testimonials


“I came to work with you because I suppose I was not sure whether my story worked. While I’ve had a few people read it, I’ve been conscious that most of them would miss probably all of the more subtle details. Would the novel still work if they didn’t understand these things? Would they be prepared to re-read it and see what they missed? The other challenge was knowing how far I could push the unconventional ideas. Overall, I was looking for was an honest appraisal of the novel with an eye on what grabs the reader. Basically, get an idea of:

  1. What makes it good, and
  2. What’s getting in the way of it being better?

I have to admit before we started work I suppose I was a bit apprehensive that you would be recommending a wholesale restructuring. Instead I’ve come away with a very targeted set of areas to look at in terms of clarifying to the reader where their attention needs to be; the essential action, the core emotion etc. as well as equipping them to know what to look for and delivering the payoff both intellectually (the non-patronising ‘pat on the head’!) and emotionally.

I’ve tried to develop a thicker skin when it comes to even well-intentioned negative comments, it’s still hard not to get defensive but I think I’m improving. That said, you handled discussing the weaker areas in my work really well- such as the teenage voice- by coming to it from the solution of changing the time setting. Because you had obviously read the novel really closely, I didn’t feel I needed to or wanted to defend my initial decision. You understood what I was going for, and you could see how I could work around the obstacle.

From our previous literary discussions I knew I would be getting the viewpoint of someone who wouldn’t be bewildered by the referential stuff, or why I’d put it there (beyond shameless showing off, to which I plead guilty on all charges). I didn’t quite know what viewpoint you’d come from, so it was a relief when you’d sussed out the tone precisely as I’d intended it. In a lot of ways, this is my attempt to create a particular sensation that I get from my favourite fiction, films and music. From there, it meant I had confidence that any suggestion you made would be sensitive to this idea. And so it proved!

Another worry was my own over-willingness to talk at great length about the writing and how I am more than likely to amble off at a tangent or rapidly skip between ideas, which you coped with magnificently. Over the years I’ve tried to get better at detecting when my audience’s eyes are starting to glaze over, so it was a pleasure not to have to worry about it. I’d say your impressive tolerance for this is a major selling point. 

In fact, this was one of the ways you helped. You provided a sounding board where you were comfortably following complex points of plot, tone and characterisation, then feeding that back in a way that I could see for myself the significance of what I had told you.

As I’ve said above, having a clear set of targeted points to work on has been a big help, not least because I can also see where I’m going to take the sequel.

Roger Haines (Kitchen Table Session)

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Client Testimonials

“George, I can’t thank you enough for the advice and support you’ve given me in redrafting the book. You’ve helped with so much, but I think the real breakthrough for me was when you helped me identify the genre more precisely. That transformed the structure and also made me see the characters more objectively. The book is so much stronger now and you’ve given me the confidence to embark on self-publishing. I would never have got there without your vision and analysis. Thanks so much.”

Sarah Haven (Kitchen Table Session and Page Turning)

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Client Testimonials

“What a pleasure to work with George. If you’re a writer currently sharing your work with only a trusted few, or if you’ve had the misfortune of being truncated and twisted by an over-subscribed, inattentive editor, then I highly recommend you get in touch with George. I found my initial concerns (would I be patronised? Bamboozled? Sent on a goose chase?) totally disproved. Instead I was listened to, encouraged, and was soon working with renewed clarity and belief, followed by a success I hadn’t dared hope for. Whilst George is hugely likeable she’s not afraid to be critical, but manages this in the most polite way ever, matched with knowledge and experience you’d do well to heed. She’s really rather impressive -don’t hesitate!”

Jay (one on one coaching)
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Make your story sing: Craft a marketable book without second-guessing yourself.

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  • Giving you direct access to my free office hour, to use however you like (run something past me, ask a bit more about what I do, tell me about your book, anything).

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Find Your Voice Daily Journal

Daily encouragement and strategies to help you find your voice and intensify your vision through conscious revision.

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