Get ongoing support to implement your revisions

After our strategy session, get motivational and editorial support as you take your story to the next level.

Book Coaching as you rewrite

Get ongoing accountability, encouragement and the perspective of a trained developmental editor and book coach as you revise your book.

By commiting to either six or twelve deadlines you are sending yourself a message. You will get this draft done. You will show up. You have permission to take your writing seriously. You can make this happen.

 Each session includes:

Comments on up to 5,000 words to help course correct and hone your craft.

A coaching call (45 minutes) for collaborative problem-solving, encouragement and an exclusive, unapologetic time to focus on you and your writing.

A ‘next steps’ document to keep you on track for the next deadline and capture our insights.

A recording of the call.

After the first session, it also includes a review of any revisions you’ve made on the previous deadline’s pages.

These packages are only available to those who have gone through one of the Revision Strategy Sessions.


Suggested deadline frequency is once every two weeks but we will discuss what would serve you best.

Six deadlines: £150 per month for six months. (Total cost: £900. Cost per deadline: £150). 

Twelve deadlines: £260 per month for six months. (Total cost: £1560. Cost per deadline: £130).



What writers who’ve worked with me are saying:

I was struggling to understand how to move from a 1st draft to a second without getting totally overwhelmed. Though I was worried about the expense to be honest, now I’ve worked with you I feel very very excited about writing my book again! I feel like I’ve finally got that ‘hook’ that always seemed to be missing that will allow me to really focus on what the main point of the book is. 

What I like best about working with you is you’re so easy to talk to! Mostly though it’s having someone who seems as invested in the story as I am. There is nothing better than getting an email from you saying ‘I’ve had this idea!’ and being able to tell you’re excited by it. It makes it feel like it matters and it’s just so nice having someone to share all the plot holes/problems/confusion with and know that you aren’t on your own.

If I’d had your advice to get clear cause and effect in my writing two years ago I would have written my first draft in a much better shape!

Would you recommend me to other writers?
Yes, absolutely. I already have,

Is there anything else about the experience you would like to add? 
I honestly can’t say enough good things about working with you. With the level of work you put in and how much I am getting from working with you, you could honestly charge about three times more and I’d still feel like I was getting an incredible deal.

Sophie Flynn

Kitchen Table Deep Dive and Redesign Your Book,

What were your challenges with writing your book before we worked together?
Calmly planning rather than writing without thinking my plot over carefully

What hesitations did you have about working with an editor or book coach?
Admitting defeat at not managing alone. Fear of being laughed at for being stupid! Fear of being told I was talentless or a lost cause!

How do you feel about writing your book now we’ve begun working together?
Excited -which isn’t unusual when I’m writing- but more importantly, I feel supported so if I get stuck I know it won’t be for long and I have someone to talk to about it. This is hugely important to me because often I can find myself overwhelmed with fear of failing at a project and never completing it.

What did you like best about working with me?
I actually thought you cared! Quite apart from the technical advice and writing tools you’ve given me along with the written summaries of our conversations, I feel as if you have my best interests at heart. Having never shared my work with anyone other than my family, this was probably more important than anything else. I felt and continue to feel safe with you.

What part of the process was most difficult for you and how could I have helped make it easier?
Just setting up the computer technology! I’m such a dinosaur!!!! But you helped with that anyway

Would you recommend me to other writers? If so, why?
100%. You have reassured me that I’m on the right track and have really boosted my confidence. I am so looking forward to chatting with you soon. You are a very genuine person and have already gone above and beyond what I signed up for.

Is there anything else about the experience you would like to add?
Thank you!!!

Mairi Chong

Design Your Book

Before beginning to work with George I found that a lack of direction drained my inspiration. Without feedback on what I’d already written, I found it difficult to continue with the story. 
I felt a little nervous about receiving feedback on work that I’d already done (what new writer doesn’t!?) and with the notion of a book coach being an unknown quantity didn’t know what to expect. Before meeting George I had no idea that the resource that is a book coach even existed! To me now, a book coach should be an absolute must for anybody serious about getting themselves published. I was concerned that I would find it difficult to explain an idea that I’ve been developing and contorting for years, but having it understood very quickly helped massively with forming a connection on a personal level, whilst also boosting confidence in my storytelling ability.
Now we’ve begun working together I’m itching to get my book finished! I have a lot of work ahead, but now I know that I’m heading in the right direction, and have fresh inclusions to improve the work already done I’m desperate to get it done!
What I liked best was the fresh perspective, as well as the opinion of somebody that understands how the industry operates. Also, the inclusion of a new arsenal of ideas works wonders to unlock ideas I didn’t know I could have! I find the development of new ideas is easier and better with a second head to bounce them off!
I’d absolutely recommend George to other writers. Being given direction, confidence and inspiration in a friendly, relaxed and easy place and manner is priceless.

Jesse Meredith: budding author.

Book coaching

Georgina took a look at my query letter and provided insight that I, or fellow authors and beta readers, couldn’t see. She helped add a layer of depth that I believe helped attract the attention of multiple agents, leading me to more than one request for pages. Zai Bell

Query letter review,


“I came to work with you because I suppose I was not sure whether my story worked. While I’ve had a few people read it, I’ve been conscious that most of them would miss probably all of the more subtle details. Would the novel still work if they didn’t understand these things? Would they be prepared to re-read it and see what they missed? The other challenge was knowing how far I could push the unconventional ideas. Overall, I was looking for was an honest appraisal of the novel with an eye on what grabs the reader. Basically, get an idea of:

  1. What makes it good, and
  2. What’s getting in the way of it being better?

I have to admit before we started work I suppose I was a bit apprehensive that you would be recommending a wholesale restructuring. Instead I’ve come away with a very targeted set of areas to look at in terms of clarifying to the reader where their attention needs to be; the essential action, the core emotion etc. as well as equipping them to know what to look for and delivering the payoff both intellectually (the non-patronising ‘pat on the head’!) and emotionally.

I’ve tried to develop a thicker skin when it comes to even well-intentioned negative comments, it’s still hard not to get defensive but I think I’m improving. That said, you handled discussing the weaker areas in my work really well- such as the teenage voice- by coming to it from the solution of changing the time setting. Because you had obviously read the novel really closely, I didn’t feel I needed to or wanted to defend my initial decision. You understood what I was going for, and you could see how I could work around the obstacle.

From our previous literary discussions I knew I would be getting the viewpoint of someone who wouldn’t be bewildered by the referential stuff, or why I’d put it there (beyond shameless showing off, to which I plead guilty on all charges). I didn’t quite know what viewpoint you’d come from, so it was a relief when you’d sussed out the tone precisely as I’d intended it. In a lot of ways, this is my attempt to create a particular sensation that I get from my favourite fiction, films and music. From there, it meant I had confidence that any suggestion you made would be sensitive to this idea. And so it proved!

Another worry was my own over-willingness to talk at great length about the writing and how I am more than likely to amble off at a tangent or rapidly skip between ideas, which you coped with magnificently. Over the years I’ve tried to get better at detecting when my audience’s eyes are starting to glaze over, so it was a pleasure not to have to worry about it. I’d say your impressive tolerance for this is a major selling point.

In fact, this was one of the ways you helped. You provided a sounding board where you were comfortably following complex points of plot, tone and characterisation, then feeding that back in a way that I could see for myself the significance of what I had told you.

As I’ve said above, having a clear set of targeted points to work on has been a big help, not least because I can also see where I’m going to take the sequel.

Roger Haines

Kitchen Table Session

“George, I can’t thank you enough for the advice and support you’ve given me in redrafting the book. You’ve helped with so much, but I think the real breakthrough for me was when you helped me identify the genre more precisely. That transformed the structure and also made me see the characters more objectively. The book is so much stronger now and you’ve given me the confidence to embark on self-publishing. I would never have got there without your vision and analysis. Thanks so much.”

Sarah Haven

Kitchen Table Session and Book coaching

“What a pleasure to work with George. If you’re a writer currently sharing your work with only a trusted few, or if you’ve had the misfortune of being truncated and twisted by an over-subscribed, inattentive editor, then I highly recommend you get in touch with George. I found my initial concerns (would I be patronised? Bamboozled? Sent on a goose chase?) totally disproved. Instead I was listened to, encouraged, and was soon working with renewed clarity and belief, followed by a success I hadn’t dared hope for. Whilst George is hugely likeable she’s not afraid to be critical, but manages this in the most polite way ever, matched with knowledge and experience you’d do well to heed. She’s really rather impressive -don’t hesitate!”


One to one coaching

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Find Your Voice Daily Journal

Daily encouragement and strategies to help you find your voice and intensify your vision through conscious revision.

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