AUGUST, 2018

This week’s story for the Bradbury Challenge is a bit of a wildcard. I felt a bit burnt out after last week’s story, which was quite a stretch for me. So this week I typed up a version of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ that I’ve been telling my kids since my second one arrived. In this version, Goldilocks is not a human child but a new sibling.  I’ve tried to exclude any gendered pronouns (this was incredibly difficult). I would love to one day work out how to turn this into a rhyming story but for now, this is the bones of it. Enjoy!

Once upon a time, in a forest not far from here, lived three bears.

There was Bampa Bear, who was very BIG with a loud but kind voice.

There was Darling Bear, who had soft fur and a voice that was not too loud, not too quiet.

And there was Little Bear, who had a quiet voice but a very LOUD snore.


Darling Bear and Bampa Bear looked after Little Bear. Little Bear loved picking Blackberries, eating porridge and listening to stories. But most of all, Little Bear wanted to be BIG.

One day Little Bear noticed that Darling Bear was looking a lot, well, a lot BIGGER than usual.

“I’m having a baby”, Darling told him.

Autumn passed, then came Christmas, and just as the snow was melting, it was time for the baby to arrive.  One morning, Little Bear woke up to a strange sound.


Little Bear rushed downstairs. There, on Darling’s lap, was the tiniest, yellowest bear that Little Bear had ever seen. A tiny bear called Goldilocks.

Goldilocks was very loud for a tiny bear.


“What’s the matter?” said Little Bear.

“Maybe Goldilocks is hungry,” said Bampa Bear, and he started making the porridge.

When it was ready, Bampa Bear poured some into a bowl and tried to feed Goldilocks.

“PUBUBUBBPU,” said Goldilocks, spitting out the porridge all over Bampa’s t-shirt.

“Too hot,” said Darling. She put some milk on and stirred it in. “Try now”.

“PUBUBUBBPU,” said Goldilocks, spitting out the porridge all over Darling’s top, grabbing the spoon and throwing it at the ceiling with a “HI-YAA!”.

Little Bear added a few spoonfuls from the saucepan of porridge.

“Mmmmmm, yummy, yummy!” said Goldilocks,

“Just right,” said Little Bear.

Goldilocks ate the whole bowl, slurping it up like a little kitten.


“Just right.”

Soon, it was time for a story.

Goldilocks sat next to Bampa, on his wooden rocking chair.

He started reading “Once upon a time there were three little pigs-”


“Oh no!” said Darling Bear, “too hard, sit next to me.”

Goldilocks started wriggling around and just as Bampa got to the part about the second little pig and the house of sticks-


“Too soft,” said Little Bear, “try mine”.

Goldilocks squeezed into Little Bears little chair. It was not too hard, not too soft. It was just right.

But just before the bit where the wolf climbs down the third little pig’s chimney, there was a loud CRASH, BANG, “WAAAAAA.”

Goldilocks and Little Bear fell to the ground, their chair in lots of broken pieces around them.

Poor Little Bear! Little Bear thought Goldilocks was a silly baby. Goldilocks was mean, and Goldilocks broke Little Bear’s chair!

But then Little Bear looked at the tiny yellow bear crying and realised Goldilocks was upset too. Goldilocks didn’t mean to break the chair.


“Let’s all have a nap,” said Little Bear.

They went to their bedroom where there was a big hard bed for Bampa, a medium sized soft bed for Darling, and a little bed, that was not as hard as Bampa’s and not as soft as Darling’s, for Little Bear.

Goldilocks laid down in the big bed with Bampa.

Soon, they were all snoring (and Little Bear was snoring the loudest)



“WAGA WAGA WAAA WAAA” screamed Goldilocks.

“Too big?” said Darling Bear, “Try my bed”.

They all settled down to sleep again, and Little Bear was dreaming about being as tall as a tree when-


Goldilocks woke them all up AGAIN.

At first, Little Bear was cross with Goldilocks. Goldilocks was never happy! But when Goldilocks climbed into Little Bear’s bed and snuggled up to him like a teddy, Little Bear couldn’t stay cross.

“Goodnight Darling, Goodnight Bampa, Goodnight Goldilocks,” said Little Bear.

“Goodnight Little Bear,” said Darling.

“Goodnight Little Bear,” said Bampa.

Goldilocks looked up at Little Bear, puzzled. Something didn’t make sense. 

“Goo nigh BIG Bear,” said Goldilocks.

Big Little Bear smiled, and went back to sleep.

And snored VERY LOUDLY.



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